Individual and Corporate Tax Services
In Dallas, TX

Tax support is a year-round need, and Vail & Park, P.C. can service that need. Our experienced CPAs can help you navigate issues such as how many dependents to claim, whether you should be paying quarterly taxes, what expenses you can claim on your taxes every year, and even how many tax breaks you might be eligible for. If you owe money on your taxes, we can help by establishing a payment plan with the IRS. We can also help get you an extension on the due date for filing your taxes.

If you find the task of filing your taxes overwhelming, stressful, and expensive then we can answer your questions and guide you through the process. Choosing professional tax services can help you take a proactive approach to your finances. Our experienced CPAs can guide you regarding various tax laws as well as provide a number of financial control and bookkeeping services. Contact us for your tax needs today whether you are filing individually, married, or even for your business to:

  • Get individualized answers keeping your best interests in mind.
  • Keep you organized and ensure your IRS deadlines are met.
  • Save yourself time and a headache!

Tax Preparation

Tax planning is key to maximizing the opportunities of your business. Our dedicated tax professionals are skilled at identifying these tax-saving opportunities while ensuring your state franchise, sales, property, and payroll tax obligations are addressed.

Each time a financial audit is conducted for an organization, income tax provisions must be disclosed. With our firm’s tax expertise we not only deliver completed audits in a timely and efficient manner, but assist in filing those taxes.

Tax Consulting

Our tax consulting services go beyond instructions regarding how to file. By educating our clients on all that is needed from the state as well as the federal government, we can help reduce tax liability, eliminate repetitive tasks, and minimize processing time. This allows you to spend more time on proactively planning for your taxes, and less on compliance efforts. Common tax issues a tax accountant can address include:

  • Available tax breaks
  • Income that is taxable
  • Best filing status to use
  • How to pay taxes throughout the year
  • Required tax documents”efforts.

Tax Audit Representation

Vail & Park, P.C. frequently guides individuals and entities through the process of conducting an audit when selected for an audit by the IRS or a state tax authority.

Estate & Retirement

Taxes affect your estate and your retirement plans but we can help you manage your estate as well as plan for your retirement so that you do not let taxes get the best of you. Additionally, we can show you how estate planning can ensure that your family is not stuck paying massive tax penalties in the future, and even recommend various investment and financial planners who can help you.