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M. Vail & Associates, PC (VA)plans each engagement to include staff and procedures designed to meet the specific needs of our engagement. We seek to provide the most efficient use of firm resources and to minimize costs of our clients.

Our experience has shown that a successful engagement requires the involvement of client personnel. We emphasize the use of client prepared schedules. Our objective is to complete the engagement as timely, efficiently, and economically as possible. This approach has several important advantages:

Our approach to client service is not strictly numbers-oriented. At VA, we train our staff to be on the lookout for possible areas of improvement in business operations. We report engagement progress and preliminary findings to clients periodically.

Prior to issuance of any reports or schedules, we meet with clients to discuss the findings and recommendations. Taking the time to provide personal attention to our clients distinguishes VA from other firms.

Advantages of the Vail & Associates Approach

  • Permits us to become acquainted with client personnel more quickly in order to facilitate timely completion of engagements.
  • Assures engagement results and recommendations that are practical and workable.
  • Limits fees to the minimum necessary to complete the engagement.
  • Permits us to combine the detailed knowledge of client personnel with our business experience to maximize effective and efficient completion of business.